O hai, internetz!!!   Since I last updated, I moved to New Mexico, bought a house, and got a job at the Albuquerque VA.  I’m still doing the poetry workshop once a year during Stephen Gilligan’s Trance Camp (see his website, http://www.stephengilligan.com for more info) and would be open to doing it at other places and times.  My own writing process is a bit quiet at the moment — not silent, but definitely going through an underground phase.  Whether it emerges again in a recognizable form, or transmutes into something else (visual arts, perhaps), or is simply waiting, as I suspect, for New Mexico to tell it what it wants expressed (not to sound too woo woo, but…  damn, the land and sky here are so specific in their presence, and I feel as if … something like all the magnetic fields in the cells of my body are in the process of being re-aligned, and until that happens, what the hell do WORDS have to do with anything?).   I love living here and feel more profoundly HOME than I have anywhere in a long time.   So….  how’s by all of you?


Just a word to let you all know that the amazon thing is fixed and Mercy is available from there as well as from http://www.hanfordmead.com.   The amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Mercy-Dvorah-Simon/dp/1592750117/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1242615879&sr=8-1.

Also, Mercy has been awarded the Nautilus Silver Book Award.   The Nautilus awards are given to books that
“stimulate the imagination and offer possibilities for a better life.”  See http://www.nautilusbookawards.com for more information.

To anyone who placed an order for my poetry book, Mercy, on amazon or Barnes and Noble, my deepest apologies. Amazon is now saying they are not able to fulfil any orders, and B&N has removed the listing entirely. It seems to be a problem with the distribution company, Baker and Taylor, but as I am not able to contact B&T myself, and my publisher seems to not be having any luck with them either, I have no idea when or if this problem is going to be fixed.

I’m mad as hell.

Mercy IS available directly from the publisher (http://www.hanfordmead.com/books/002,011.php) but I do appreciate how much more convenient amazon ordering is for a lot of people, and I’m really sorry people have been left hanging for weeks with their amazon orders, only to have them cancelled.



Welcome to my website!  Check back here for news of upcoming events. 🙂